Tour de Picnic Beneficiary Projects for 2016

Beneficiary:  HeadwayIYF
Headway is a lifeline to people in the community living with an acquired brain injury after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). A brain injury is a sudden event which can affects peoples’ ability to return to work, maintain relationships and live independently. For some it affects the way they think and feel, how they talk to and relate to others, their memory, and how they experience the world. Each person’s brain injury affects them and their family in ways that are often difficult, life long and maybe not obvious to others.

Headway’s specialist rehabilitation staff assist people to rebuild their skills and their confidence to get back to daily living, helping them and their families to get the most out of life after brain injury. We act as a lifeline to for people get back to living as independent a life as possible. Through our rehabilitation services nationwide, we seek to develop the vital life skills to support community integration. Without us, many who survive a stroke or an accident would be home based, without any structure to their day and their family members would be restricted as they may be caring for them.

To find out more please go

Beneficiary:  ISPCC Childline

Special Olympics Ireland

ISPCC Childline is Ireland’s only 24-hour listening service and it seeks to empower and support children using telecommunications and information technology. Over 600,000 children and young people contacted the service last year with issues such as abuse and violence, exploitation, addiction and suicide. ISPCC Childline is the only organisation in Ireland providing unique 24 hour support services for children and young people through our Childline service. ISCC Childline receives the majority of its 2,300 calls and messages per day after 6pm each evening, when most other support services are closed.

Beneficiary:  Jack & Jill Children's Foundation


The Jack & Jill Foundation is an Irish children's charity set up in 1997 by Jonatha Irwin and his wife, Senator Mary Ann O'Brien (founder Lily O'Brien's Chocolate) when their son Jack, two days after he was born health and well, suddenly and inexplicably became terminally ill. They took him out of hospital to give him a short life at home, and they spent 22 months without sleep or medical expertise or professional nursing care - shocked to discover that no help existed in Ireland. They vowed to make sure that they would provide help to every single parent in the country in this predicament from that moment onwards.

For the past 19 years, Jack & Jill has provided home nursing care to over 2,000 children across Ireland (until their fourth birthday if they are fortunate enough to live that long) who are born with, or develop, brain damage. The Foundation also provides end-of-life care for all children who require it until their fourth birthday. Our service reaches every single county, providing home visits whether they are in Achill Island or Allihies, Errigal or Edenderry. The Foundation provides funding for home nursing care and draws from a pool of up to 700 nurses to deliver that care. We give parents a chance to grab some sleep, to do the shopping, to talk to their other children, to catch their breath in a frantic and tumultuous time. We raise €2.7 million each year because just 20% of our money comes from the State, and we don’t ever shake buckets, preferring instead to be involved with fundraising initiatives which are creative in their nature and inspiring to participate in.

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Tour de Picnic Beneficiary Projects for 2015

Beneficiary:  Irish Youth Foundation

RaboDirect Tour de Picnic is working with the Irish Youth Foundation to raise funds for a Youth Bike Programme in Limerick. The programme’s objective is to engage children and young people (aged 10–21) from the South Side of Limerick’s housing estates and introduce them to the world of bikes. The programme encourages repairs and maintenance; building new bikes from old frames; learning about fitness, health and environmental benefits of cycling; Developing local leaders and role models. The Irish Youth Foundation has set a target of raising €50k to fund a Bicycle Programme.
The programme teaches concrete skills to young people living in a community with high levels of unemployment, poverty and crime. A similar programme is already working in Dublin and has captured the imagination of local youth.

Thank you for helping us reach more young people and giving them the opportunity to achieve their potential.


Beneficiary: Special Olympics Ireland

Special Olympics Ireland

At Special Olympics we are thrilled to be involved with Tour de Picnic again this year. This incredible event is a credit to the guys at Event Fuel and we are extremely grateful to the participants new and returning who raise an outstanding amount of money for Special Olympics and other charities.
The funds we receive this year will help to fund Team Ireland to attend the World Games in LA. This July 7,000 athletes from around the will take to the sporting stage and demonstrate to the world their incredible courage, unwavering determination, and sheer joy. Ireland will be represented at these iconic Games by 88 courageous athletes.

The total cost to fund Team Ireland is €44,000 and by taking part in Tour de Picnic you are supporting our athletes to get there.

Beneficiary: Childline ISPCC
ISPCC is one of Ireland’s oldest children’s charities. We provide vital listening and mentoring support services to thousands of children and their families each year. Childline is the ISPCC’s most well-known service.

Childline is Ireland’s only nationwide 24 hour Children’s listening service; it is free and available to all children in Ireland up to 18 years of age.

Children contact Childline to discuss issues such as depression, loneliness, abuse, self-harm, bullying, issues at home and at school and concerns about alcohol, drugs and sexuality. Some children contact us simply because they have no one else to talk to.

Childline responded to over 450,000 phone & online contacts from children in 2014 however a shortage in funds is currently threatening this service. With your support we can help keep Childline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – letting children and young people in Ireland know that there will always be a place to turn when they need to talk. 

Tour de Picnic will…
•       Help train 20 new volunteers  with the necessary skills to answer calls and support these children in their time of need
•       Provide support to approximately 4,000 confused or frightened  children before the end of 2015
•       Help to keep Childline available to young people 24 hours  a day

When a child takes the brave step to make that call you will ensure someone is there to listen, thank you. For further information please visit or follow ISPCCChildline on Facebook and Twitter. 


Tour de Picnic Beneficiary Projects for 2014

Beneficiary:  Irish Youth Foundation INDY Bike Project

Irish Youth Foundation INDY Bike Project is run by local young people as part of the Irish Youth Foundation and supported by Bradog Youth Service. The programmes objective is to engage children and young people (aged 10-21) from a typical tough Inner City community and introduce them to the world of bikes.
The programme encourages repairs and maintenance; building new bikes from old frames; learning about fitness, health and environmental benefits of cycling; Developing local leaders and role models. The Irish Youth Foundation has set a target of raising €50k to fund a Bicycle Programme for – INDY Bikes.
The programme is already working and has captured the imagination of local youth. But in an area seriously affected by poverty and unemployment,there is a need to reach more young people in order to have an effect on the whole community.
To reach its potential and to expand its scope to 150 young people the donation will help achieve the following goals:

- Fund the INDY Bike programme for 18 months – 2 years; help these kids build their own bikes
- Provide mechanical skills training, a practical step for future employment
- Expand storage and workplace area; provide tools, components and safety equipment
- Develop a City & Guilds Level 2 Bike Mechanic programme
- Build a Social Enterprise Programme (a mini company for older youths who will repair bikes)
- Encourage confidence, self-discipline, teamwork and goal-setting for the participants
- Give the young people of Dublin's Inner City a chance of success in their lives

Beneficiary: Special Olympics
Special Olympics is first and foremost a sports organisation for people with an intellectual disability, and also provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport. It's about fun, friendships and team spirit; it's about a feeling of belonging, and ultimately improving quality of life.
Through sport, athletes develop both physically and emotionally, they make new friends, realise their dreams, and know they can fit in.
The funds donated to Special Olympics will contribute to the cost of sending Team Ireland consisting of 46 athletes and an event management team of 18 to participate in the Special Olympics European Games, in Antwerp, Belgium from 9th-21st September. The total cost for Special Olympics Ireland’s participation at these Games is €63,000, so each and every euro raised will go a long way to sending them to Europe.
€10,000 will cover the cost of sending 7 athletes to attend the games €20,000 will cover the cost of 14 athletes, while €30,000 will help to fund the involvement of 22 athletes at the European Games.

Beneficiary: Barnardos

Barnardos works with over 8,900 children and families annually, providing direct services, advice and support in 40 centres, based in some of the most over-looked communities in Ireland.
Their work focuses on improving the life prospects of all children, in particular children who face barriers like poverty, abuse, neglect or bereavement. Barnardos know that early intervention and education is the key to breaking this cycle and helping children reach their full potential in life.
In recent years Barnardos has seen a substantial decrease in statutory funding even though the need for their work is greater than ever. This means, to maintain their services and keep projects open, they rely more than ever on the support of participants in events such as this.
The Tour de Picnic route travels through communities serviced by Barnados in Tallaght, Edenderry, Tullamore and Carlow projects. Funds raised from this year's cycle will ensure continuance of service.
€10,000 supports parenting programmes which help them with practical issues such as literacy skills, budgeting skills and creating routines for their children. €20,000 supports after school programmes for children with support and help with their homework, a hot nutritious dinner and a safe place to play. €30,000 supports project workers in delivering crucial one-to-one sessions during times when they are most vulnerable and most in need of help.


Tour de Picnic Beneficiary Projects for 2012

Beneficiary:  LauraLynn Children's Hospice
Making the most of short & precious lives..

LauraLynn House is Ireland's first Children's Hospice, it opened last September on the grounds of the Children's Sunshine Home in Leopardstown. Tragically there are an estimated 1,500 children living in Ireland with life limiting conditions & over 400 children die every year. There is only one hospice for children despite being 45 in the UK.

LauraLynn House is a warm supportive environment for the whole family to relax and spend precious time with their children, including & especially siblings. Very sadly, five children have already passed away in our Butterfly suite – a special place where a child can spend their final days in comfort and peace with their family.

To date, 82% of our residents have been children aged less than 11. Currently all of our children have multiple out-patient appointments in the acute children's hospitals. We are currently looking after some families who are travelling from Kerry & Cork to make appointments in Dublin.
Unfortunately to date we have received no government funding to build or run this wonderful place - we need to raise substantial funds (€1.5m) to run it every year.

Tour de Picnic Project 1: Construct & fit out a Family Room & Therapy Area

For families whose children are staying with us. This will include massage, music, play & aromatherapy treatments for families & also children (A cost of €55,000).

Tour de Picnic Project 2: Upgrade & refurbish our children's multi-sensory garden

This would greatly enhance the quality of our children's lives and stimulate the senses of sight, touch, smell and emotion in a gentle and relaxing manner. (A cost of €25,000)

To find out more visit our website at or call us at 01 2893151.

"Putting life into a Child's day not days into a child's life" Beneficiary: Thank You Crumlin, Love Mia

thank you crumlin'Thank You Crumlin, Love Mia' is an initiative founded by 11-year-old Mia Keaveney and her family with an aim to help raise much-needed funds for Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, a place which, over the past 10 years, has been a home away from home for Mia who has undergone numerous operations and treatments there.

Mia was born in China and, as a baby had an accident that left her badly burned. In 2002, Mia came to live with her Irish family in Dublin; it was at this stage that Mia began treatment in Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin.

The setting up of the charity to raise funds to upgrade and expand the number of consultation rooms in the busy orthopedic and ophthalmic clinics is, for Mia, her way of showing her appreciation and thanks to the hospital and its dedicated staff.

Mia's mother, Sally Keaveney, said, "As a parent who has been in and out of Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin with Mia, I have seen first hand what is needed in this unit and am excited about giving back to the hospital that has been so good to us over the years".

By supporting Mia's, you're supporting Ireland's sickest children and their families.

Log onto for further details.

Tour de Picnic Project 1: Help Mia Build a brand new Out Patient Facility in Our Ladys Children's Hospital, Crumlin

The full cost of this project is currently TBC but we will have updates very soon.

Thanks to you and your Tour de Picnic 2012 the scope for Mia's dream is much bigger.

Head2Head Challenge Beneficiary Projects for 2012

Beneficiary: Barnardos Bereavement Counselling for Children
Everyone sympathised with me and said, "I know how you feel". They hadn't a clue. They hadn't lost my Dad. They didn't know my loss." - Suzanne, age 12
Project Objective:
barnardos Barnardos Bereavement Counselling Service provides counselling for children who have been bereaved in tragic circumstances, and also provides training and support for adults who work with them.

What we do:
Barnardos Bereavement Counselling for Children supports parents and carers to respond to the needs of bereaved children by offering support and information as well as listening and advising via our National Helpline, through the provision of training and through our range of bereavement-related publications which are widely available.

However, some children require a therapeutic service if their experience is one of multiple losses, complicated grief or traumatic death. Barnardos works directly with these children and families in two centres in Dublin and Cork.

When children have been bereaved in tragic circumstances such as murder, suicide, road traffic accidents or sudden illness, their lives are changed utterly. Children who witness to traumatic deaths, are faced with terrible uncertainty, and are left with sadness, fear and fundamental questions about their lives, like "Who will collect me from school?", "Who will give me hugs?" and "Why did my Daddy die?". It is essential that therapy services like ours are available to them and their families to assist them in the recovery from the trauma and loss.

The loss of a significant attachment figure, particularly a parent, if unsupported, can have a life-long emotional and psychological impact.

Losing a loved one as an adult is an extremely difficult time in a person's life; however this is multiplied for a child when they lose a parent/s and/or sibling. The Counselling programme at Barnardos gives these kids the chance to come to terms with their loss and provides them with the support they need to move forward. 
Beneficiary: Goal

goalThis year is Goal's 35th anniversary. Their overseas work is extensive and far reaching.
GOAL's programmes are specifically designed to assist the poorest of the poor and those Suffering from the effects of war and/or natural disasters. The money raised from the Head2Head Challenge will help provide the food, water and education for those children most in need.>

Cafe Java 20/20 Beneficiary Projects for 2012

Beneficiary: Aware
aware We thank Café Java for choosing Aware as one of their charities for their 20th year celebrations. Cafe Java 20/20 is not only contributing to Aware by raising funds to help Aware continue to provide support, education and information on depression, but more importantly Café Java 20/20 is highlighting one of Aware's vital sources of information on depression,

Aware's strategic plan for 2012 focuses largely on the Aware website. This is a key resource which is used for information, education, awareness raising and service provision and the high percentage of internet usage in Ireland means that it is a quick way to get information to the greatest number of people.

Our website resources are vital: When it comes to mental health, many people, especially young people, are reluctant to go to a GP or other health centre to talk about how they are feeling, and in some cases there is a lack of awareness about where to actually go for help and whether a GP can assist with issues like these. So many people need some information or reassurance before they access the health services. Our website is a vital source of information for many and can provide the initial knowledge or signposting they need in order to take their next step towards recovery.

In addition to providing reputable information on depression, the website is also a stepping stone to our online support services (support groups and email support service) as well as an information resource for our other services. As the number of hits on the site increased through 2011, so too did the number of people accessing our support services.

Based on the success of to date, we have a specific objective in mind for 2012: to increase the number of unique visits by 100% and to make the website the first port of call for people in Ireland accessing information about depression.

Mark Pollock Trust

For over a decade Mark Pollock was known as an inspiration, an adventure athlete competing in the world’s harshest environments despite becoming completely blind at the age of 22.On the night of the 2ndof July 2010 everything changed again. He fell from a second story window fracturing his skull, some ribs and breaking his back in a number of places leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

The Mark Pollock Trust hopes to raise significant funds to assist with the capital and ongoing costs specifically associated with his spinal injury - including a team of rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapy equipment, visits to specialised spinal injury activity-based recovery centres and mobility solutions. You can help Mark to break through the barriers that paralysis and blindness have placed around him

Beneficiary: St Vincent de Paul

goalThe Society of St. Vincent de Paul is the largest, voluntary, charitable organisation in Ireland. Its membership of 10,500 volunteers throughout the country are supported by professional staff, working for social justice and the creation of a more just, caring nation. This unique network of social concern also gives practical support to those experiencing poverty and social exclusion, by providing a wide range of services to people in need.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides assistance to families and individuals who are struggling to cope, often to ensure that there is light and heat in the home, food on the table and to assist with back to school and education costs.

In 2011, the calls for assistance increased between 35% - 40% around the country on the previous year and with the continued challenging times ahead in our country and continued job losses the numbers of people calling us for help will only increase. Currently 25% of all calls for help have never asked SVP for help before.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul spends in excess of €1m on average per week in assistance.

Therefore our reliance, support and goodwill from the public are vital to enable us to continue the work we do.

Therefore we would like to sincerely thank the management and staff of Café Java who have come up with a great fundraising event on the 12th May which we fully support and we encourage the public to get involved in what promises to be a fantastic day. The much needed funds raised through this event will enable us to reach those families and individuals who ask us for help.

Need help? Contact our support team on