Tour de Picnic 2013 - FULL ITINERARY



    7am- 10am - Cycle Start Area Open, Citywest Hotel, Car Park


    Participants must arrive with their baggage during this time. We advise that you arrive and depart as early as possible.


    Please note that this year we expect far less que's as you will simply sign your insurance waiver, hand over the baggage and depart immediately. There will be no mass start or waiting around for everyone to arrive. The party will start at Stradbally where runners and cyclists will unite in the welcome area!


    Should you arrive later than 10am we will not be able to transport your baggage to the festival and you may not be able to collect your ticket


    8am - Runners check in and bus boarding open


    9am  - Runners Depart by bus for Athy


    8am - 1pm - Rest Area in Ballymore Eustace Open


    The fabulous show rooms at Country Kitchens will be hosting a fruity party in partnership with The Fruit People at the first rest area. There will be plenty of tea, coffee, fruit and snacks to keep you going on the bikes.


    10am-2pm - Rest Area Open in Athy


    The GAA club in Athy will host the rest area with plenty of green space to pan out and enjoy a sandwhich and a well deserved cold drink


    11am -  Runners will get off the bus here for a quick snack, stretch and toilet break


    11.30am - Runners will depart by bus and after 3km participants will get off the bus and run the remaining 10km to arrive at the Tour de Picnic Welcome Area


    11.30am - Welcome area open at Electric Picnic site in Stradbally, welcome party begins and lasts throughout the day. There will be a BBQ, DJ, Chill out area, Massage, Baggage Collection, Photo Booths, Free Goodies, Bike Racking



    Bikes are loaded throughout the weekend and made available for collection until 9pm on Monday, 2 September. After this time any remaining bikes will be donated to charity.


  • Give2Go Admin
    Give2Go Admin Hi Ruaidhri,
    All you need to do to secure your bike is follow our 3 simple steps:
    1. Click into
    2. Once you are on this page click "sign me up" and then pay your €50 and you're all set!
    3...  more
    August 21, 2013
  • Tom Corr
    Tom Corr Hi I just signed up for the run while meaning to do the cycle. How do I go about changing my situation?
    August 23, 2013
  • Give2Go Admin
    Give2Go Admin Hi Tom, email your query to Thanks!
    August 23, 2013
  • Mairead Walsh
    Mairead Walsh Hi looking forward the cycle on Friday very pumped :) Just making sure everything is in order , do I need to take any further steps to ensure the money is lodged by 5:30pm tomorrow 28th of August
    thanks Mairead
    August 27, 2013